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Sardinia Comes To Weston

Weston Lifestyle Magazine | Sept 2015 | by Beverly Barna

With its white-sand beaches, miles of pristine coastline, verdant mountainous and historical Bronze Age ruins, Sardinia boasts yet another claim to fame: It’s No. 1 among the so-called five global Blue Zones, which are home to populations that live longer than the average life span. The people living on this small Italian island are 10 times more likely to reach the age of 100 than those living in the United States.

And now, this Mediterranean magic is making its way to Weston, amid cheers of a kent’annos! (“to 100 years”), a toast commonly made in Sardinia. The new
restaurant, aptly named Zona Blu, is being spearheaded by two local sisters, Debbie Marras Bautista and Sheila Marras David, first-generation Sardinian-Americans, and
Sardinian-born chef, Andrea Fadda.
The sisters, who have backgrounds in marketing and advertising, were stay-at-home moms until they recently set their sights on the world – specifically, Sardinia. They were introduced to Fadda through their uncle, Giulio Ledda, his best friend and newly minted business partner.

“Our dream has always been to share the natural beauty of the island, its historical importance, unique culture and exquisite cuisine with our Weston family,”
Bautista says. “Andrea has helped us realize our vision. The Zona Blu concept was a logical culmination of our love of Sardinian culture and cuisine.” Fadda, known as “The Sardinian,” has worked and trained around the world, launching his extensive career at the prestigious College of Cuisine in Porto Pino, Sardinia. He says he’s always wanted to offer Weston locals something they’d never had before: a deli and gourmet market alongside a family restaurant that would offer wines and recipes inspired by his homeland.

“After many years in South Florida, I’ll fi nally have the opportunity to open a restaurant with the specialties of Sardinian cuisine and a variety of deli products, pastries and wines, which will arrive directly from Sardinia,” Fadda says. “But most of all, my true intent will be to integrate Sardinian cuisine with local products.” Zona Blu will feature fresh breads, focaccia, meats, cheeses and sausages, all imported from Italy.

“Every guest will be treated like family,” says David. “Sit down, have a drink, enjoy both traditional and inventive dishes and, most importantly, toast to 100 years!” Weston residents won’t have to wait a century to enjoy this new restaurant; it is slated to open this month.


Sample a Taste of Sardinia at Zona Blu

Sample a Taste of Sardinia at Zona Blu

Zona Blu is not your typical Italian restaurant. In addition to fresh homemade pastas and wood-fired pizza, it serves authentic Sardinian-style cuisine. Tempt your taste buds with unique dishes from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia…

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