“Sample a Taste of Sardinia at Zona Blu”

by Stacey Bomser (Our City Weston Magazine)

Zona Blu is not your typical Italian restaurant. In addition to fresh homemade pastas and wood-fired pizza, it serves authentic Sardinian-style cuisine. Tempt your taste buds with unique dishes from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Owners Deborah Marras Bautista and Sheila Marras David share more about this new restaurant and gourmet market.

What is Sardinian style cuisine?

Although we are Italian, our island has many diverse cultural influences that are infused into our cuisine. Flavors from Africa, the Middle East, Spain and Greece are evident in a variety of Sardinian foods and wines.

What are some of your specialty dishes?

Sardinian-born Executive Chef Andrea Fadda will take you on a culinary journey integrating traditional Sardinian dishes inspired by his homeland with Italian favorites. The menu features fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and wood-fired pizza. Specialty dishes include: Fregola Sarda ai Frutti di Mare, a pasta that resembles Israeli couscous with mixed fresh seafood; Gnocchetti alla Campidanese, handmade Sardinian pasta with fresh tomato sauce and sausage; Soufflé al Pecorino, soufflé of Sardinian pecorino cheese with roasted Portobello mushrooms in a black truffle sauce; and Branzino Costa Smeralda, a filet of Mediterranean sea bass with sea salt crust. Many of Zona Blu’s signature dishes are unique to the island and not known beyond Sardinia.

Please describe the restaurant

Zona Blu is a Sardinian/Italian family restaurant, deli, and gourmet market. We feature wood-fired pizza, focaccia and breads made in-house daily. In addition to our panini sandwiches, our deli and market offers specialty luncheon meats and cheeses sold by the pound, sausage, imported olive oils, and Sardinian pastas, as well as over 70 wines.

What is the significance of the name Zona Blu?

Sardinia is one of the five “blue regions” in the world where people often live to be 100 years old. The cuisine is often cited as playing a part in their longevity. We also chose the name Zona Blu because it symbolizes the magnificent blue waters of the Mediterranean that surround the island.


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